What Are Pallet Racking Locking Pins?

Pallet racking locking pins and clips are essential to connect horizontal pallet racking beams to upright pallet racking columns. Locking pins prevent disengagement of beams and columns within a pallet racking system – this optimising safety measures and helping to prevent both damage to pallet racking and stock.

What Is Longspan Shelving?

Longspan shelving, also known as wide span shelving is the ideal heavy duty pallet racking system capable of stocking a wide range of product sizes and weights. Open frame longspan shelving is ideal for storing bulky and heavy storage. It can also be fitted with shelves or dividers for storing smaller products.

What Is Gravity Flow Shelving?

Gravity flow shelving (also known as tilt shelving or slanted flow shelving) increases productivity and efficiency by providing continuous product feed. Gravity flow shelving systems are ideal for a first-in, first-out product stock flow, providing a continuous replenishment of stock.

What Is A Case Flow Rack or Carton Flow Rack?

A case flow rack or carton flow rack is a specialised pallet racking structure. Within this pallet racking system, shelves consist of inclined lanes with tracks of rollers or wheels. Here, either the horizontal shelf beams support case-flow lanes or case-flow shelf assemblies are supported by the upright frames.

What Is A Cantilever Test?

The cantilever test is an analysis of the strength of cantilever beams and columns within a cantilever pallet racking system. The test involves one column segment and one beam segment connected to one another with a beam-to-column connector, with a load applied downwardly.

What Are Pallet Racking Beams?

Pallet racking beams are the horizontal metal structures within pallet racking frames. These are positioned under pallet and shelving space to support the weight of stock.

What Is A Pallet Racking Aisle?

A pallet racking aisle is the space between pallet racking structures. These lanes provide pathways for staff members and access for machinery picking and loading stock.

What Is SEMA?

SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association) is an organisation that is committed to making sure that warehouse pallet racking systems are safe, and to promoting the safe use of this equipment. SEMA are involved in the installation, inspection and distribution of warehouse storage. If you arrange for your warehouse pallet racking system to be inspected regularly by a SEMA trained inspector, you should follow his / her recommendations to ensure that you are following the best practices for warehouse pallet racking and shelving.

What Is A Pallet Racking Inspection?

Daily pallet racking inspection should be conducted by your own employees. From this inspection any damage should be reported to those who will be able to solve the issue. Regular (possibly monthly) pallet racking checks should also be conducted by managers conducting inspections. Annual checks should then be conducted by a qualified independent inspector, preferably conducted by a SEMA approved Inspector.

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