What Is Dynamic Push Back Pallet Racking?

The majority of warehouse pallet racking systems utilise rows of racking across the width of a warehouse. However, push back pallet racking is a method of dynamic pallet racking that makes better use of the available space by utilising the depth of warehouse storage space.

Within a dynamic push back pallet racking system, the pallets are stored on wheeled carriers. The first row of goods is placed across the available space. However, when the second row of goods is stored, the first row of products is pushed back and the second row becomes the front row. As this storage process continues, a block of pallets is formed. Having fewer aisles within a warehouse pallet racking systems means less warehouse space is wasted and potential storage capacity is optimised.

When it comes to the removal of goods stored, the pallets are retrieved on a ‘first in last out’ basis.    So those on the front row are accessed first. As products are removed from the system, the rows of goods behind are brought forward to fill the empty space.

This pallet racking system is amongst the best for utilising floor and cubic space and one of the most time-efficient pallet storage systems available.

What Is Dynamic Pallet Flow Racking?

Dynamic pallet flow racking is another pallet racking system, designed to maximise the storage capacity of your warehouse.

Designed for stock rotation, the pallets are mounted on rails and set to a gradient. Depending on the nature of the stock being stored, the gradient can be adjusted. This gradient causes gravity to pull the pallets to travel along the rails to their storage position. Similarly to dynamic push back pallet racking, stock is stored in a block.

Dynamic pallet flow racking allows stock to be part of a first in first out, or a last in first out system, depending which side of the storage block you unload from.

What Is A Double Sided Cantilever Extension Bay?

The double sided cantilever extension bay is attached to the cantilever starter bay to increase the storage capacity of a cantilever pallet racking system. Designed for use in a wide range of industrial storage applications. Available to accommodate the storage of long and awkward items such as timber, steel, conduit, plastic etc.

Each modular bay comes complete with arms that can be fitted with end stops to secure any loose stock from falling off – preventing health and safety issues and product damage. The frames are spaced apart so you can work out your storage run using the starter and extension bay.

What Is A Double Sided Cantilever Starter Bay?

The double sided cantilever starter bay is the beginning of a cantilever pallet racking system – based on modular bays with the fittings to provide cost effective storage of long and awkward items such as timber, steel, conduit, plastic etc.

Cantilever Pallet Racking allows you to stock a wide range of product sizes, providing a bespoke storage solution to specifically suit your storage requirements.

What Is Anti Collapse Mesh?

Anti collapse mesh is a mechanism fitted to the rear of a pallet racking system. This provides protection against staff injuries from racking collapse, beam damage collapse and potential falling debris/produce.

What Is Cantilever Racking?

Cantilever racking is capable of coping with very large load bearing requirements and is an immensely versatile form of storage that really comes into its own when you want to store lengthy materials whilst being able to access them easily. Cantilever racking is great for storing hard to handle goods such as steel tubing, lengths of timber, or lengths of copper tubing, and you will get the idea.

What Is Double Deep Pallet Racking?

Double deep pallet racking has multiple rows of standard pallet racking. A deep reach fork lift truck is required to store and retrieve pallets. Double deep pallet racking increases the potential capacity of a warehouse with more being stored per number of isles – compared to standard pallet racking systems.

If you want to know more, there is more information on our Double Deep Pallet Racking page.

What Is Drive-In Pallet Racking?

Drive-in pallet racking is a prime solution for optimising warehouse storage capacity. With no aisles and lanes, drive-in pallet racking produces a higher storage capacity. This method of storage allows you to utilise warehouse space whilst storing similar products and pallets together.




What Are Heavy Duty Rack End Protection Barriers?

Heavy Duty Rack End Protection Barriers

These provide a heavy duty protection barrier for the end sections of your pallet racking. A steel barrier is fitted across the width at the base of the pallet racking system to protect the entire end from machinery (rather than just the uprights).

What Is Multi-Tier Pallet Racking?

Multi-tier pallet racking allows for the optimisation of a warehouse capacity and pallet access. This pallet racking allows immediate access to all unit loads and goods stored.
This pallet racking system is a great opportunity to make the most of ceilings with higher ceilings by creating further aisle load levels. These multiple levels can be accessed by stair cases.

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