What Is Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking?

Narrow aisle pallet racking allows for space utilisation within a pallet racking system. Narrow aisle racking can be particularly efficient for areas, such as inner cities, with high rental or land prices.  This method of pallet racking maximises height and allows for greater efficiency of storage. It also requires the use of narrow aisle forklift trucks as they can lift higher and work faster than regular forklift trucks. These machines cannot turn in the aisles so wire guidance is fitted in to warehouse flooring.

What Is Pallet Flow Racking?

Pallet flow racking works on a ‘first-in, first-out’ system – great for items with high product turnover where fast access to goods is required. However, pallet flow racking does not utilise as much space as a regular pallet racking system.

What Are Pallet Racking Column Guards?

Upright pallet racking column guards are anchored to the floor – a cost effective metal shield around the lower portions of the frame. The pallet racking frame protectors take the impact of fork lift trucks and other machinery. The idea of this protector is that you can replace the damaged upright frame protector at a much lower cost than replacing the damaged upright frame.

What Is Push Back Pallet Racking?

Push back pallet racking allows you to retrieve stock from pallets that are up to four pallets deep. Pallets are stored in a ‘first in, last-out’, good for bulk storage and handling. Dynamic push back pallet racking is both space and time efficient, great within a busy warehouse environment.

What Is Timber Decking for Pallet Racking?

Timber decking for pallet racking fits onto the beams within a pallet racking system. Timber decking allows for smaller sized goods to be stored. The size and thickness of the timber decking will depend on the weight of the goods to be stored on the beams.

What Is Two Tier Shelving?

Two tier shelving allows you to double your storage capacity within the same footprint as single-tier shelving. Incorporating two-tier shelving into a pallet shelving system is extremely cost effective as it is cheaper than re-locating to a larger warehousing space.

What is Mezzanine Flooring?

Mezzanine flooring offers an added semi-permanent storey within an existing structure.

Mezzanine flooring allows you to optimise the storage capacity of a warehouse or office space without conducting any costly permanent building work. Available in a variety of sizes, a mezzanine floor can double a space – whether within an office, retail stocking space or warehouse space.

What Is Warehouse Storage Capacity?

The warehouse storage capacity is a measurement of how much storage a warehouse space can provide. This value includes stock, pallet racking systems, machinery, etc.

What Is Wide Aisle Pallet Racking?

Wide Aisle Pallet Racking is the most commonly used method of storing palletised stock. Within a wide aisle pallet racking system, each pallet is supported and independently accessible. Although wide aisle pallet racking will not utilise all of the available floor space, it allows for easier machine manoeuvrability when storing and retrieving pallets.

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