Second Hand Racking For Factories

Factory racking is a critical part of a high-performing business that is involved in manufacturing or maintenance. Pallet Racking Systems buys and supplies high-quality, good-condition, used factory pallet storage racking. This gives your company a cost-effective storage solution that aligns more kindly with your operational budget.

The second-hand factory racking that we supply is thoroughly inspected to ensure it is safe and fit for purpose. We hold an extensive stock, including the ideal system for storing your loose or palletised goods, parts, machinery, and equipment.

Maximise Your Efficiency With Factory Pallet Racking

Our stock of used factory shelving can be selected, configured, and adapted to your space, considering the load, and size. If needed, our designers will carry out a site survey to find the best racking for your factory.

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Industrial Storage Options

There are configurations of used factory racking that provide 100% access to all pallets or parts and systems that manage inventory on a first-in-first-out or first-in-last-out basis. Whether you are looking to extend or replace, we can supply everything from 600mm and 900mm deep racking, long space shelving, light-duty cantilever factory racking, and factory mezzanine floors.

Our industrial factory shelving and racking options are ready to meet the strenuous demands of your production floor. We have tough and durable systems designed for regular and intensive heavy-duty use. These meet British safety and building regulations and are manufactured and installed according to European FEM standards and SEMA design codes.

Established more than 40 years ago, Pallet Racking Systems has the experience you need. You can contact our team on 0800 085 8117, or you can visit us at our 25,000 sq ft site in Willenhall, West Midlands.

About Pallet Racking Systems

As a well-established pallet racking company with four decades of experience, we are seasoned experts in warehouse racking solutions. Located in Willenhall, we take pride in sourcing and delivering pallet racking throughout the West Midlands and neighboring areas.

If you’re searching for top-tier shelving and racking suppliers, we invite you to visit our facility. Come see how we can help you efficiently tackle your logistical challenges with precision and expertise