Live Storage Racking

Enhanced Inventory Management

Live storage racking, also referred to as dynamic storage racking or flow racking, is a unique pallet racking system which facilitates the storage and automatic movement of stock units.  Outfitted with inclined racks or strollers, these types of pallet racks allow for stock turnover that is efficient and smooth-running, making them a common sight in warehouses specialising in fast-moving consumer goods such as food and beverages or pharmaceuticals.


Key Features of Live Storage Racking?

There are few structural and design components of live storage pallet racking which makes them so adept at their job in high-density storage settings.

Roller Tracks/Flow Lanes: The presence of inclined pathways fitted with roller tracks or flow lanes enable live storage pallet racks to do what they do best – move goods from one place to another quickly. This feature also explains where they got their alternative name of ‘flow racking’ from.

Frames and Supports: To ensure goods are moved safely, solid frames hold the roller tracks in place to ensure controlled movement when loading, unloading and generally transporting goods.

Guides and Separators: These organisational supports help to keep products aligned as they move through the live storage racking system. With gravity often used in the movement process, it’s essential that the movement of goods is able to be controlled and organised to prevent accidental damage. The guides and separators present do exactly this.

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Types of Live Storage Racking

Carton Flow Racking: Carton live storage racks are high-density storage racks fitted with leaning roller tracks that incorporate gravity into the loadings and unloading process. Ideal for moving small to medium-sized items, often in boxes or totes, these racking types are often utilised in FIFO (first in, first out) stock management.

Pallet Flow Racking: Designed for larger, palletised goods often carrying heavier loads, pallet live storage racking enables the low-maintenance, high-volume storage in automated warehouse environments.


Used Live Storage Racks Available

Does your retail warehouse require a storage system compatible with quick replenishments of stock? Or is your food and beverage facility in-need of a FIFO management system for perishable items? With our used live storage racking ranges, the efficiency and organisation capabilities of your warehouses will reach new heights. Enabling high-density storage and facilitating faster stock picking processes, our live storage pallet racking ticks all the boxes.

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