Mobile Pallet Racking

Enhance your Storage Efficiency

We proudly offer a range of mobile pallet racking systems designed to optimise your warehouse storage capacity. Our commitment to providing high-quality, cost-effective storage solutions is unparalleled, ensuring that your operations are both efficient and flexible. Browse our mobile pallet racking solutions or get in contact for a quote now!


What is a Mobile Pallet Racking System?

A mobile pallet racking system is an exceptionally practical storage solution where pallet racks are mounted on mobile bases that glide along tracks set into the floor. This innovative design allows for maximum space utilisation by eliminating the need for multiple aisles. Outfitting your warehouse facility with a mobile racking system will allow you to condense your storage area and free up valuable floor space, which can be repurposed for other operational needs.

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Benefits of Mobile Pallet Racking

Optimised Space Utilisation: By eliminating unnecessary aisles, mobile pallet racking maximises the use of available floor space. So if your warehouse is limited on actual available space, mobile racking might just be what you need.

Enhanced Inventory Management: The integrated tracks on a mobile pallet rack allow for hassle-free movability, as well easy access to stored products and goods, reducing time and labour required for stock handling.

Increased Storage Capacity: These systems can effectively double the storage capacity compared to static racking solutions, allowing you to store more products within the same footprint.

About Pallet Racking Systems

As a well-established pallet racking company with four decades of experience, we are seasoned experts in warehouse racking solutions. Located in Willenhall, we take pride in sourcing and delivering pallet racking throughout the West Midlands and neighboring areas.

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