Pallet Racking Accessories

Pallet Racking Protection & Accessories

Pallet racking systems are essential for warehouse storage, offering efficient use of space and ease of access. However, these systems are vulnerable to damage from forklifts and other machinery, which can compromise safety and structural integrity. Implementing pallet racking protection is crucial to maintain a safe and operational warehouse environment. Pallet Racking Systems can supply various types of used pallet racking protection and accessories for your warehouse, factory, workshop, or office. From protecting the structure, beams, and shelving to keeping workers safe or extending your system’s functionality, we have various industrial racking accessories to meet your needs.

Pallet Racking Protectors

Our pallet racking protection includes high visibility frame protectors to protect the upright frames in your system. This cost-effective solution is an effective way to protect your upright pallet racking frames.

Heavy-duty pallet racking end barriers provide a pallet racking protection system to prevent potential damage caused by the manoeuvring of forklift trucks, tow tugs, and other heavy equipment. These industrial racking accessories are an essential item in most warehouses and manufacturing plants.

We stock items to suit most systems and encourage everyone to protect their frames to ensure their racking has longevity and your workers remain safe.

Timber Pallet Racking Decking

Customising your system with used warehouse racking accessories is often needed as businesses change production and products. Timber decking allows you to transform bays for holding non-palletised goods, parts, and machinery, with solutions for storing weights up to 250 kg and 1000 kg. We have close boarded and slatted timber decking for all types of racking. We can also supply steel shelving panels and mesh shelves.

Anti-Collapse Mechanisms

Warehouse safety is always a top priority, and installing anti-collapse mechanisms is always a good idea. These mechanisms are fitted to the rear of the racking system. It is a simple and cost-effective method of avoiding accidents in the storage & handling of pallets, and they also protect pedestrians working or walking below.

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Why You Should Buy Protection From Pallet Racking Systems

Our warehouse racking protection and accessories cover everything you need including load signs, pallet stops, levelling plates, spacers, horizontal and shelf dividers, footplates, support beams, and pull-out cradles.

Pallet Racking Systems supplies all your optional add-ons with extensive expertise in designing and integrating systems. Whether it is safety inserts for supporting damaged or unbound pallets or barrel supports, we are passionate about helping your work safely and efficiently.

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About Pallet Racking Systems

As a well-established pallet racking company with four decades of experience, we are seasoned experts in warehouse racking solutions. Located in Willenhall, we take pride in sourcing and delivering pallet racking throughout the West Midlands and neighboring areas.

If you’re searching for top-tier shelving and racking suppliers, we invite you to visit our facility. Come see how we can help you efficiently tackle your logistical challenges with precision and expertise