Shuttle Pallet Racking

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

The way your storage facility operates depends on the quality of your pallet racking systems, which means you really can’t afford to go wrong when it comes to the quality and reliability of your storage solutions. With our shuttle pallet racking systems, you’ll be benefitting from a dynamic storage method for goods and materials that streamlines inventory management and unit accessibility alike.


How Shuttle Pallet Racking Systems Work

Shuttle pallet racking systems, also known as pallet shuttle racking, employs automated shuttle vehicles in the storage and retrieval process, aided by a robust holding structure. The process for accessing your stored stock units is controlled via radio by an operator who will remotely oversee that the right pallets are loaded as needed. Some of the key components of pallet shuttle racking systems includes:

Shuttle Vehicles: These semi-automated carriers are the workhorses of shuttle pallet racking systems, efficiently transporting (or shuttling as the name suggests) designated pallets to and from the required storage locations.

Rack Structure: Designed to accommodate shuttle vehicles, the rack structure features specially engineered channels and guides to facilitate seamless pallet movement in and around your warehouse and factory floors.

Control System: A sophisticated radio-control system oversees the operation of shuttle vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and safety at all times.

Warehouse Management Software: Integrating with existing warehouse management systems, specialised software can be used to great effect in orchestrating the movement of pallets within the shuttle racking system, providing real-time visibility and control. This can include generic or custom shuttle racking systems.

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What are the advantages of Shuttle pallet racking systems?

Shuttle racking systems boast an assortment of advantages that help maximise their efficiency within your facilities. Their biggest benefit offered is their ability to maximise the space of your factory floors, utilising vertical space effectively whilst minimising aisle widths.

They are also well-versed when it coms to the handling and transporting of repeat tasks, due to the high level of automation involved. Many Pallet shuttle racking system factories value the faster throughput times and higher productivity levels afforded by this setup, which ultimately contribute in driving down operation costs and enhancing overall efficiency.

Unlike drive-in or drive-through racking systems, which rely on Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) inventory management, shuttle pallet racking systems offer greater accessibility and selectivity. Each pallet position is individually accessible, allowing for First-In, First-Out (FIFO) inventory rotation strategies and ensuring timely access to goods, and ample opportunities for high scalability.

About Pallet Racking Systems

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