Tyre & Wheel Pallet Racking

Maximising Warehouse Efficiency

One of the primary features of tyre and wheel pallet racking is its specialised design. Shelving is configured to cradle tyres and wheels securely, preventing them from rolling or becoming misshaped over time. This ensures that the items maintain their integrity and usability. Additionally, these racks offer adjustable shelves, allowing for height and spacing modifications to accommodate different tyre and wheel sizes, providing a flexible storage solution.

Durability is another crucial aspect, as these racks are built to withstand the significant weight and bulk of tyres and wheels, often constructed from heavy-duty steel. This robust construction ensures long-lasting performance even under heavy loads. Optimal accessibility is also a key feature, with many racks designed for easy access to tyres and wheels, facilitating efficient loading and unloading. Slanted or angled shelves are often incorporated to improve visibility and access.

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Types of Tyre & Wheel Pallet Racking

There are several types of tyre and wheel pallet racking systems to meet various needs. Horizontal tyre racks store tyres horizontally on shelves that can be stacked multiple levels high, ensuring the tyres do not lose their shape. Vertical tyre racks, on the other hand, store tyres vertically, typically on slanted shelves or racks, providing easy access and better visibility.

Mobile tyre racks are equipped with wheels or casters, allowing them to be moved around the storage area, offering flexibility in warehouse layout and space utilisation. Stackable tyre racks are modular and can be stacked on top of each other, allowing for scalable storage solutions that can grow with the business.

Benefits of Tyre & Wheel Pallet Racking

Tyre and wheel pallet racking systems offer numerous benefits, including space optimisation. They efficiently use vertical and horizontal space, maximising storage capacity in limited areas. By preventing tyres and wheels from deforming or getting damaged, these systems help maintain the items in optimal condition. Enhanced organisation is another significant advantage, as these systems help in organising tyres and wheels by size, type, or brand, making inventory management easier and more efficient. Safety is also improved, as these racks securely store heavy and bulky items, reducing the risk of accidents from falling or rolling tyres.


These racking systems have broad applications. In automotive dealerships, they store a variety of tyres and wheels, allowing quick access for servicing vehicles and meeting customer needs. Tyre retailers use them to display tyres and wheels for customers while keeping inventory organised and accessible. Repair shops benefit from these systems by having a dedicated space for tyres and wheels awaiting installation or repair, streamlining workflow. Warehouses and distribution centers use them for bulk storage, facilitating efficient handling and distribution of tyres and wheels.

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