Double Deep Pallet Racking – Is It Right for You?

Optimising the warehouse space you currently have will, in most cases, be preferable to acquiring more space. When looking at ways to increase storage capacity, double deep pallet racking should be one of the options considered.

Double Deep Pallet Racking Layout

Perhaps the best way to explain double deep pallet racking is by comparing it to selective pallet racking where single rows of pallet racking are placed on racking providing access to every pallet from the front.

With double deep pallet racking, 2 pallets are placed one behind the other, giving immediate access to only the front pallet. The rear pallet can be accessed once the front one has been removed.

As the pallet at the back has lower accessibility, this necessitates a “Last In, First Out” storage system.

Considerations of Double Deep Pallet Racking

    • Perhaps the most important reason for moving to a double deep racking system is the increased space efficiency, which could be up to 10-15%.
    • The number of access aisles will be reduced
    • It is an excellent system for storing multiple pallets of the same product
    • Less expensive to install than the Push Back Pallet Racking System which is also a double deep racking system

Before installing double deep racking, it will be important to consider the type of product being stored and the number of SKU’s being stored. A double deep racking system is best for fewer SKU’s and products with long shelf lives.

If there are a large number of SKU’s, there may be a more appropriate racking system so let your supplier know that you want to discuss the options available to you.

Disadvantages of Double Deep Pallet Racking

      • LIFO inventory management system may not be appropriate for the product stored
      • Reduced accessibility of SKU’s
      • Limited storage height on safety grounds
      • Speed of access, particularly to the rear pallets
      • Requirement for specialist forklift equipment to access the rear pallets
      • Difficulty of viewing the rear pallet, especially at height

Double deep pallet racking is therefore not recommended for perishable goods where a FIFO stock management system would be more appropriate.

Safety Issues

Safety issues can be mitigated by fitting pallet racking accessories such as guide rails and wire mesh to assist the operator in locating the pallet correctly and protecting stock and workers from stock falls.

Before deciding on a pallet racking system, we highly recommend that you talk to one of our skilled engineers here at Pallet Racking Systems. Drawing on the expertise and experience of our sales and design team, we offer

        • Full Site Survey
        • Cad Drawing
        • In House Installation Teams
        • Compliance with All Health & Safety Regulations
        • Project Management

in order to offer our clients the most cost-effective warehouse storage solutions.

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