How do I dispose of my used pallet racking?

There are a number of ways that your old racking can be disposed of, but before we reach the how, the first question to ask is why someone would need to remove their old racking?


Reasons To Remove Your Old Racking

Pallet racking is the most popular and versatile type of warehouse storage system. However, there are a number of reasons that you may wish to dispose of your old racking. “How would that situation arise?” we hear you say, and if you have an efficient and productive warehouse operation with exactly the racking that you need for your requirements, it is true that on the face of it you are not likely to want to dispose of what is for you a key asset, but some circumstances may change that:

Reorganising – The day may come when your business is so successful that you may need to reorganise your storage facility and replace it with warehouse storage materials of a different type.

RelocationYou may decide to relocate your warehouse for some reason. This could happen, for instance, because you need more space for an expanding business, and having already squeezed as much value as possible from your existing premises the best option for you is to move. If this is your situation you may well seek to adapt your racking in your new warehouse, but often that is not possible, and the best option is to start again with fresh racking and shelving.

A couple of less pleasant scenarios probably need to be mentioned here:

Failed business – If a business fails and it has a warehouse which is fitted out with pallet racking, the receiver will need to dispose of the assets of the business as productively as possible.

Improving cashflow – Even if a business is not failing, it may hit a spell in which cash flow is not so good, and in that situation selling its pallet racking may be a means of improving liquidity.

Whatever your reason for selling we would be interesting in hearing from you.


How to dispose of your racking


Probably the first thought for you in this situation is selling your racking for scrap. This is a fairly hassle-free option. The scrap merchant will visit you, examine what you have to offer, and quote you a price. The merchant will not be too concerned with the condition of the racking you are selling, and once you have agreed the price, the scrap merchant will collect it from you and pay you for it. Your disposal problem has then been solved. What about the environmental aspects of disposing? Is scrapping the best option? There seems a fair chance that you are adding to the world’s considerable ecological problems, and most of us would probably prefer not to do that.


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This option is more environmentally friendly, the metal from your shelving and racking can be recycled and repurposed by many companies throughout the UK. This option can cost though, as often happens with commercial recycling, you may have to pay for the material to be taken away.

Yes, you have got rid of the pallet racking, but have you got the best price? The price you are given will reflect the current prices on the metals markets, it is true, but can you do better than that?


By Selling your racking, it simply gets passed on to another business without going through the needless process of the metal being reformed for another use. The business that inherits your second hand racking may well get several decades use out of it!

Scrapping your racking might seem more straightforward but with our speedy service we take the work off your hands by doing the hard work for you.

It’s also almost certain that the price we offer you will be higher than the price you’d get for scrapping or recycling.

You’ll also be helping the environment as extra energy won’t be used to smelt the metal. The economic feasibility of recycling metal via a ‘melt it’ approach has also been shown to be questionable.

Obviously, your racking will need to be of resaleable quality, but you will be quoted a price which is based on market values. This may be above the prices generally paid by scrap metal dealers.

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Steps For Selling Your Used Pallet Racking

There are three mains steps:

  1. You’ll need to let us know about the history of your racking

The more information you can provide us with, the better. This will help us to vouch for the fact that it conforms to safety standards. If you have any documentation relating to your racking, this would also be helpful.

If you’ve had any repairs done, we’d also need to know about that – who did the repairs, when they did it etc.

It’s also important to let us know about the original installation of the racking and so any documents relating to this would be helpful.

  1. We’ll come round and inspect your racking

Our pallet racking inspector will come to visit you as soon as possible. We’ll then be able to draw up a price offer what we think is suitable.

One of the things we’ll be looking out for is spare parts and how easily available they are and how much they might cost the business that we sell your racking to.

The price we offer is almost certain to be better for you than you’d get from the scrap man.

  1. Make the decision to sell to us

Once the sale is agreed, we will come around to your premises promptly and dismantle the racking. Not only does this potentially save you a lot of time and effort, it also means that the dismantling will be done safely by experts.

Our team will call round when it is convenient to you to dismantle the racking. We will remove it from your warehouse and pay you promptly.

You’ll have the reassurance that not only is the job being done swiftly; it also is being done in accordance with industry standards, with full regard to safety regulations.


Getting The Best Price For Your Racking

As a major trader in second hand warehouse storage racking, we at Pallet Racking Systems are always on the lookout to buy used pallet racking to add to our stock. We are particularly interested in buying racking that was originally manufactured by a major manufacturer, but are prepared to look at any reasonable proposal. Naturally, though, there are certain criteria that we apply in making you an offer to buy your second hand pallet racking, the main ones being:

Provide a detailed history

When looking to buy your second hand pallet racking system we will need to know a detailed history. It is important to keep any documentation relating to your racking system safe and ready for inspection when you are selling it. We need to know that the system conforms to relevant industry safety standards. When maintaining your pallet racking it is vital to keep details of any repairs and who they were carried out by in order to be able to sell it on at a later date. We need to be able to verify that any repairs were carried out by qualified technicians and that their work met safety standards.

Provide a record of installation and maintenance

Was your used pallet racking system originally installed correctly by a qualified fitter to industry standards? We need to be able to verify it has been installed and used appropriately in order for us to be able to sell it on to a new customer. It is also vital that you keep up to date with industry standards. These are updated every few years and it is important to ensure your system remains compliant to achieve a good price.

We would also recommend that you keep your racking well maintained. It is essential that you have an annual inspection of your pallet racking by a qualified SEMA trained expert as well as more frequent in house inspections to verify its safety. It may also be worth using protective guards on your pallet racking to minimise damage and need for repair.

Consider spare parts

How easy will it be for a new customer to buy and fit repairs for your used pallet racking system? Obviously the easier it is to find spares the more desirable the second hand system is. It is worth noting a used pallet racking system manufactured by a major manufacturer is generally more desirable and attracts higher prices.

Pallet Racking Systems Ltd are interested in buying all types of traceable, good quality second hand pallet racking including:

  • Narrow aisle pallet racking
  • Double deep pallet racking
  • Wide aisle pallet racking
  • Push back dynamic storage pallet racking


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