How Much Does Pallet Racking Cost?

Buying used pallet racking is probably the most cost-effective way of investing in warehouse storage systems. All the pallet racking held by Pallet Racking Systems passes stringent inspections before we buy it. That way we know that it is fit for purpose before we add it to our approved checklist.

Of course, the final cost of pallet racking will depend on a number of factors, which include:

  1. Type of Pallet Racking Needed

There are many different types of pallet racking available including:

  • drive-in and adjustable racking,
  • narrow-aisled,
  • double deep
  • cantilever pallet racking

The type of pallet racking recommended is different for each application and largely depends on the type of stock held in the warehouse.

As a result, costs vary and are dependant on which type is right in your specific situation, especially as you may require different types of pallet racking within the one warehouse in order to accommodate different types of stock.

  1. Amount and Height of Pallet Racking Required

When ordering pallet racking, there are two key factors which will influence the final cost. Firstly, the quantity of racking required and secondly, the amount of available space you have to fill.

Estimating how much pallet racking is needed requires some expertise because of the number of variations involved. When we are quoting for a pallet racking installation we take into account:

  • amount of floor space involved
  • the height of the building and racking
  • the required number of tiers
  • fully laden pallet height
  • installation time
  • access equipment

These factors influence how much pallet racking is needed, and of course, the more that is required, the more cost is involved. Having said that, buying high quality second hand pallet racking can definitely help make your budget go further.

  1. Level Of Project Management required

We hold, on average over £300K of used pallet racking at any time, so we usually have the type of racking that is appropriate for each client’s unique storage solutions.

However, we also have in house CAD drawing teams who can design a system based on your individual needs if required.

Of course, if your requirements are very specific, costs may be greater than a standard selective racking system.

However, you want your pallet racking shaped to your needs, good quality second hand pallet racking will always mean a cost saving over new.

Have Confidence In Buying Second Hand Racking

Confidence in your pallet racking product is of paramount importance. All the pallet racking we sell conforms to the latest FEM 10-2-02 and S.E.M.A design codes of practice which is the recognised standard in the UK and Europe.

To receive a realistic and accurate cost for your pallet racking requirements, our expert team at Pallet Racking Systems are happy to discuss your requirements with you and put together a proposal to meet your needs.

Contact us today to find out more about our pallet racking or how we can help you design your extra space.

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