What Is Dynamic Push Back Pallet Racking?

The majority of warehouse pallet racking systems utilise rows of racking across the width of a warehouse. However, push back pallet racking is a method of dynamic pallet racking that makes better use of the available space by utilising the depth of warehouse storage space.

Within a dynamic push back pallet racking system, the pallets are stored on wheeled carriers. The first row of goods is placed across the available space. However, when the second row of goods is stored, the first row of products is pushed back and the second row becomes the front row. As this storage process continues, a block of pallets is formed. Having fewer aisles within a warehouse pallet racking systems means less warehouse space is wasted and potential storage capacity is optimised.

When it comes to the removal of goods stored, the pallets are retrieved on a ‘first in last out’ basis.    So those on the front row are accessed first. As products are removed from the system, the rows of goods behind are brought forward to fill the empty space.

This pallet racking system is amongst the best for utilising floor and cubic space and one of the most time-efficient pallet storage systems available.

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