What Is Adjustable Pallet Racking and How Would I Benefit from It?

Adjustable pallet racking is one of the most popular racking systems you will come across when looking into investing in storage. The reason why they are so popular is that they are often the most basic and easiest to manage, yet very effective. They can be applied to most warehouse areas as they are adjustable to suit their purpose and environment. Below we discuss the key benefits of using adjustable pallet racking systems…

Dynamic and Easily Customisable

Finding the right racking system for your warehouse can be tough sometimes but with adjustable racking it suits pretty much all types of storage and warehouses. Why? Because they can be adjusted to suit a given space and the stock that needs to be held on the racking. The adjustable racking consists of pallet support bars and racking beams and the special thing about this is that all of the beams can be easily extracted and moved around. This means that you will not have to invest in more expensive racking to suit new storage.

Business Growth

If you are managing a rapidly growing business it is very important that the warehouse and assets are able to grow with the business in real-time to ensure you do not fall behind and potentially cause problems. And this is another bonus that adjustable pallet racking can bring to a business as this racking type will not hinder your growth as it is easy to adapt it to many situations.


When managing heavy stock, it is important to be able to adjust your warehouse and racking layout to suit your extraction techniques. If you require a forklift, it is vital to ensure that it can manoeuvre between the aisles whilst keeping all Health & Safety regulations under consideration. Adjustable pallet racking can be easily moved to achieve both wide-aisles to suit forklifts and narrow aisles to increase overall warehouse storage capacity.

How Can We Help?

Planning new pallet racking can be very tough, especially if there is very little knowledge in the area. We have a team of pallet racking experts that will be able to accurately plan the implementation of new racking and the layout of where the racking systems could go. We will know exactly what type of system and set up will suit your business, so please get in contact.

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