Pallet Racking Protectors – Should You Invest?

Pallet racking protectors prevent damage to your warehouse racking. As your pallet racking system is vital to the smooth and productive running of your warehouse, it is therefore important to protect your investment.

There is also a legal requirement that you met standards. The Health & Safety Executive published a Warehousing and Storage guide in 2007 stating that you should “protect racking if it is likely to be struck by lift trucks and other vehicles”. 

Investing in accessories can help you meet your legal obligations.

They help to improve your system in three main ways:

  • Improve longevity – it is easier and cheaper to replace the protection than damaged verticals or beams
  • Reduce maintenance costs – they can help prevent accidents in the first place thus reducing overall the repair bill
  • Safety – prevent dangerous structural damage and injury to staff


Prevent structural damage to your pallet racking system:

Any structural damage to your pallet racking system can been costly in terms of productivity but also in terms of damaged stock or personal injury liability.

Rack End Protection

The aisle ends of your racking system are the most vulnerable to accidental damage from vehicles in your warehouse. Fork lift trucks can cause a surprising amount of damage even at reduced speeds. You can install heavy duty barriers at aisle ends to prevent forklifts from getting too close.

Column Guards

Damage to the upright columns of your racking can be very dangerous. Collisions cause substantial damage that can destabilise your racking system and make it unsafe to use.

Installing column guards can ensure the stability and safety of your racking system. Column guards are anchored to the floor and form a metal barrier around the lower part of the upright. These absorb the impact of a collision.

Replacing the guard is significantly less expensive than replacing a damaged upright. Column guards are available in bright colours to aid visibility. They also help to lessen the effects of day-to-day wear and tear.

As well as investing in protection you can also help to prevent accidents and avoid unnecessary damage by establishing strict rules in your warehouse such as maximum speed limits, one way systems and designated zones for vehicles.

Pallet Support Bars

Pallet support bars provide support to the pallet. This is especially useful when pallet loads are very heavy or when pallets are not of a standard size. In the first instance, pallet support bars help to spread the load. Secondly, they prevent smaller pallets becoming dislodged in the racking.

Using two bars will support most sizes of pallet.

Chipboard Panel

Chipboard panels, available in varying depths are a cost effective method of warehouse shelving and can be useful for storing non palletised products. They can also help to speed up loading and reduce damage when you have a variety of pallet sizes.

Anti-Collapse Mesh

Anti-Collapse Mesh is an accessory that creates a barrier to prevent stock off incorrectly loaded pallets. It is particularly used at the rear of the racking.

Allowing complete visibility, it is a simple, strong and effective protection measure.


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