What To Ask When Buying Used Pallet Racking

When a warehouse or factory shuts its door, the fixtures and assets are sold. This sale often includes the used pallet racking system. Purchasing this used racking might seem like an excellent way to buy second-hand pallet racking for your company, at a fraction of the cost of new.

However, just like a new system, used pallet racking is regulated by building codes and must conform to health and safety regulations. You will need to ensure the used warehouse racking meets these standards. You will also need to know if damage and wear and tear are superficial or something that may become a significant hazard, requiring expensive repair and maintenance.

Ensuring You Only Get The Best Quality Racking

To ensure you get the best quality used pallet racking, it is vital to ask the right questions. Here we reveal the questions you should ask yourself and be asking the seller to confirm that the racking meets building and health and safety regulations and is in a condition that will give your business years of use.

Who manufactured the used pallet racking?

Knowing who manufactured the racking will simplify acquiring the original drawings and documentation, so your system can be designed. If new or replacement parts are required, then it is not a good idea to mix components from other manufacturers. If the original manufacturer is no longer in business, then sourcing parts could be an issue or sold at an inflated price.

What is the used pallet racking’s condition?

Just like buying a new car, you will want to know that the pallet racking is in good condition and won’t let you down. This would usually involve asking a mechanic to look over the vehicle. For pallet racking, a qualified and experienced racking engineer will be needed to determine this, and a thorough inspection will reveal any components that need repair or replacement.

What are the specifications of the pallet racking?

The specifications include the specific details of the racking system and determine if the rack is of the right size, capacity, and form for your purpose and loading equipment.

Who will design your final used pallet racking system?

You will need a qualified racking engineer to design and provide drawings for your warehouse or factory. These will ensure you meet all regulations, meet your productivity and storage goals, and put in place a safe solution.

Should I buy used pallet racking from a reseller?

To answer the questions you need to ask when buying used pallet racking requires an expert’s eye. Using a reseller such as Pallet Racking System gives you access to the sort of expertise you need.

Our qualified experts ensure all the used racking we acquire is inspected to ensure it is in good order. We ensure that the components, design, and installation of the used racking in your facility meet the necessary design codes (SEMA and FEM 10-2-02).

To speak to a team with more than 45 years of experience about purchasing second-hand pallet racking.

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