What Should I Consider Before Buying Racking?

Investing in pallet racking is likely to be a large project for your company, so it is important to make sure you carry out all of the relevant steps to ensure the project runs smoothly and you get exactly what you want and need with no future implications.

Firstly, it’s a monetary investment that should be planned very closely; you will need to categorise your options to what you believe will suit your business and whether it will suit you in months and years to come; especially when thinking about the future of your business. Secondly, it’s a big job, and the initial organising can be complex. We know for a fact that planning for your warehouse racking needs careful consideration, so we’ve listed the very basics you should be considering when you’re looking to implement pallet racking below.


One of the most important aspects when considering your options is the cost and we know that our customers require the combination of low cost and assured high standards. Used racking systems are a great way to save money, without losing quality and functionality. At Pallet Racking Systems Limited we pride ourselves on our high-quality products. Our warehouse is 25,000 sq. ft., so with a variety of product options, we can meet all of your needs. Don’t think that ‘used’ means tired or old – all of our products have to pass our extensive inspections before they can be deemed fit for purpose and be available to customers.


We offer second-hand pallet racking, pallet shelving, and pallet racking accessories, and can advise if you are unsure of what solution would best suit your business. We hold an average of £300,000 of used pallet racking stock at any one time, depending on current market conditions, so can meet any requirements you may have. We also sell second-hand mezzanine flooring and second-hand two-tier shelving if that is an option you wish to consider.


A massive area for consideration is warehouse space. The square footage of your warehouse is the first thing to think of – and then the height. How tall do you want your racking to be, and what are the subsequent limitations? Obviously, you can only go as tall as your building allows, but you also need to consider if you have the right equipment to reach the highest part of your storage. It would be great to maximise your space’s capacity but you need to be able to get your products from every level – this is particularly key if your products are weighty or large. Another space consideration is the narrowness of the aisles between the racking, explained in our article ‘How Narrow Can Aisles Be Between Pallet Racking?’.


At Pallet Racking Systems Limited, we have over 45 years’ experience and hundreds of happy customers. We not only offer top quality used pallet racking but also provide a complete design service to ensure we offer you the most cost-effective solution for you. Additionally, we have in-house installations teams, and the systems we offer conform to the latest industry codes of practice.

Requirements by Law

There are many requirements and regulations when it comes to pallet racking. For example, legislation mean pallet racking should be inspected regularly to prevent any avoidable accidents that could affect the safety of your pallet racking, products, or your employees. You can read our articles on inspecting to SEMA and HSE standards, and safety tips for pallet racking. Although these are things for you to consider, using Pallet Racking Systems Limited will ensure all of this is taken care of when we install your racking, as we follow all the latest relevant requirements and regulations.

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