Using Pallet Racking To Improve Your Customer Service

One of the big questions we get at Pallet Racking Systems is ‘how will investing in new pallet racking actually help my business?’ Customer satisfaction is a huge advantage when investing in new storage systems depending on how you manage your warehouse and the planning you undertake before.

Below you will see our guide on how managing and investing in storage systems can achieve strong customer satisfaction.

Maximise Storage Space

Expanding your storage capacity can potentially improve your surrounding warehouse systems. For example, an expansion in storage capacity will give you the ability to completely rearrange your warehouse so that products are ordered, which could ultimately lead to you being able to get your products made and sent out within a shorter period of time.

If you maximise your storage capacity, it will also help you deal with high demand periods. For example, if your product is in seasonal demand, it is likely that a whole surge of customers will order at once, and you will have to be able to deal with this in a way that your customers are not affected. Expanding your capacity will enable you to hold more stock so you can get it dispatched and delivered earlier. This is also relevant to companies that are rapidly expanding, you must be able to manage the expansion appropriately to satisfy your customers.

Getting the Right Racking

Depending on your products, you will need to look at all of the different types of racking systems and decide which one would benefit your business processes the most. If your goods are perishable or are susceptible to reaching an “End Date” then you may want to look at Carton Flow Racking. If you are managing heavy items and extracting them from high areas you may want to look at pallet flow racking or possibly drive in racking.

There are many racking options to consider, each with their own advantages, to improve your business processes and offer the customer service your customers expect. Read more about all the different types of racking systems.


You need to ensure that your warehouse staff are fully trained, so you know that your staff are safe and they know how to work with the storage systems. Once all your staff have been trained in the relevant areas, this will help to prevent injuries that could have happened due to ignorance or the lack of knowledge. This will also help to prevent any loss of production time which will enable employees to work to customer deadlines.

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