How To Optimise Your Warehouse Space

Any business that stores goods, equipment, or parts, will need a storage space in some form or another. This space will need to be fitted out with warehouse racking for picking bins or pallets to sit on.

The configuration of this warehouse racking will critically affect business operations. If the solution is well-planned, then operational efficiency and storage capacity will be enhanced. If the solution is poorly planned, performance and productivity will be low, and there may not be enough space to meet your storage demands.

Whether you are starting out with a clean slate in new premises, replacing old or inefficient warehouse racking, or planning additions, the goal is always to optimise your warehouse space so that it delivers a return on your investment.

Mezzanine Flooring

If you have a warehouse that you cannot expand outwards, then maybe it is time to consider expanding upwards. With costs far lower than moving to larger premises, good condition used mezzanine flooring can be an excellent way to boost warehouse storage.

Mezzanine structures are installed above your existing floor. Depending on the condition of your premises, the mezzanine is erected on steel supports that can be wall or floor-mounted. The new floor is accessed by an installed staircase, and the whole structure conforms to U.K. building regulations and industry standards.

To optimise the new space and to keep costs from running out of control, pre-owned warehouse shelving can be placed to finish off your mezzanine installation.

Pallet Racking

Second-hand warehouse racking can also be a fantastic choice for businesses starting out or upgrading their existing space. Warehouse racking is available from top brands at a fraction of the cost of new. Racking systems from Redirack, Stow, Link 51, Hilo, AR Sistemas, Dexion, and Apex gives you plenty of choice and options that cater to any item’s shape, size, and weight.

Aside from storing warehouse pallets, solutions exist such as heavy-duty industrial, long span, double-deep, drive-in/through, and cantilever warehouse racking.

Pallet Racking Systems has 45 years of experience and holds a wide range of used systems, quality inspected and meeting S.E.M.A. And F.E.M. 10-2-02 design regulations. Our experienced designers understand storage efficiency principles and can design the perfect system for your business, optimising performance and productivity, to meet your precise needs.

We can make an assessment of any existing pallet racking system you have and talk you through all of the options available to you. Maybe a mezzanine is the right choice for your business, or perhaps you can reduce your aisle width or use under-utilised space.

Whichever solution you choose, our experienced installation team ensures your warehouse racking is fitted securely and brought into operation safely.

For more information and assistance, or to discuss the second-hand pallet racking we have in stock, please contact our team.

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