What Are Carton Flow Racking Systems and How Can They Help My Business?

Carton Flow Racking is made up from a regular racking structure but is accompanied with downward sloped flowing levels that use wheeled tracks to push the stock down the path to the picking area at the end of the process. Below I will provide further insight into what Carton Flow Racking Systems are and how they can benefit your warehouse processes, so continue reading to learn more…

The Carton Flow Racking uses the ‘first in first out’ inventory management system where any stock inputted at the back-loading aisle is pushed to the front picking aisle by the sloping tracks where the stock can be easily extracted from the racking by staff. This makes Carton Flow Racking ideal for warehouses that handle stock with expiry dates as the oldest stock will be brought to the front by the wheeled track. It can also be held in a number of different environments, which means it can even be used in cold/freezing storage facilities.

This racking is able to accommodate various sizes of stock, which means that even some of the largest items can be included in the very simple, but very effective system Carton Racking has to offer.

Carton Racking has two different types of sloping wheel tracks which are decided on the type of stock/items that will be stored on the racking. The two types are:

  • Full-Bed Polypropylene Wheels – which are used for the stock that varies in size due to the staggered setup of the wheels.
  • Full-Width Steel Rollers – which are steel wheels that cover the entire width of the track which makes this option perfect for the stock that is consistent in size.

The other perks to come with Carton Flow Racking is that they come with all of the accessories a normal system can use but it also has some added accessories to further enhance your racking…

You will be able to create individual lanes that will make the overall management of your storage easier as it will keep all relevant products together in their assigned locations.

Tilt trays are available to place at the front picking aisle, to keep those workers who extract the stock from the racking safe, this will then work towards a safer warehouse, preventing more injuries and reducing staff absences from serious accidents.

Carton Flow Racking is a great system that can really help your business if it is used appropriately. In conclusion, there is a wide range of benefits, for example:

  • High-Density Storage – No space is wasted as the wheels use the downward slope to its advantage to keep all items close together, this means that you can increase your overall capacity.
  • Integration – This system can be used as a standalone system or can be used alongside various racking types such as Selective Racking and Pallet Flow Racking which could help the surrounding processes and it also means that your old racking system will still be useful and you will not need to reinvest in a whole new racking system.
  • Safety & Efficiency- Being able to have extra accessories to improve overall vigilance when it comes to safety may also improve your efficiency as the number of injuries could be reduced, which ultimately means less time spent tending to injuries or staff absences in more serious cases.
  • Less Wastage – As this system allows you to place stock in order of expiry date it gives you the ability to better manage your stock meaning less wastage due to out of date stock.

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