What Are The Benefits of Longspan Shelving?

Trying to find a storage system but don’t have the space or budget for a pallet racking system?

You need Longspan Shelving!

If you don’t have the budget or floor space for a full on pallet racking system, read below to find out more about the alternative, our heavy duty long span (or wide span) shelving system.

Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving:

  • The longspan shelving system is an alternative for those who do not have the budget or floor space for a pallet racking system.
  • This shelving system is designed for hand-loaded items, it isn’t designed for use with fork lift trucks.
  • Longspan shelving systems can provide storage for warehouse and manufacturing environments, as well as providing shelving for office space.
  • This shelving system is comprised of three major components – upright frames, shelving beams and shelving panels.
  • Longspan shelving can be assembled as stand-alone shelving system or it can be attached to the lower levels of a pallet racking system.
  • Longspan shelving is quick and easy to assemble, which is helpful if you are on a tight time span and requiring minimal disruption to a storage area.
  • The shelving is easily adjustable to accommodate different shelving levels.
  • Depending on the chosen brand, longspan shelving can accommodate medium to heavy loads.
  • The “Z” beam design prevents large products from falling from the ends of the shelving system.
  • There is a wide availability of pallet shelving and pallet racking accessories and components to optimise your storage space.
  • The shelving system can accommodate shelf panels, such as chip board panels, steel shelf panels, wire mesh decking and garment hanging rails.
  • Longspan shelving systems can be extended and reconfigured to accommodate for changes, such as relocation or stock increases.

For more information about heavy duty longspan shelving, contact Pallet Racking Systems to discuss your requirements.


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