What Information Do I Need Before Ordering a Pallet Racking System?

Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems

When floor space is a little limited in the warehouse but moving or increasing the size of your warehouse storage is not possible, maximising your warehouse capacity can be done by introducing a warehouse pallet racking system from Pallet Racking Systems Ltd.

Warehouse pallet racking systems make the most of the height of a warehouse space rather than just the building floor space. Making the most of the height of the warehouse, allows you to save floor space yet increasing your capacity limits. This allows you to maximise your warehouse capacity to ensure that you can store as much stock as possible.

But what details do I need to know before ordering a pallet racking system?

  • What is your budget for your pallet racking system? In order to know the potential size, pallet racking types and potential incorporated accessories, we will need to know your budget for your storage system.
  • Pallet Racking Systems Ltd will need to know the size of your warehousing space. In order to make the most of both the horizontal and vertical axis, we will need to be made aware of the Width, Length and Height measurements of your available warehouse space. Pallet Racking Systems Ltd offer a full site survey, in which these details will be collected.
  • Are there any height restrictions within your warehousing space that may affect the potential height of your pallet racking system? Any beams or pendant lighting?
  • You will need to be made aware of how much potential storage can be introduced into you warehouse space. In order to maximise your storage needs Pallet Racking Systems Ltd offer a full design service, in which you will be provided with a CAD drawing of your potential pallet racking system. Making the most of our design service will allow you to benefit from the most cost effective pallet racking storage solution.
  • It would be a good idea to know whether you would also like to purchase Pallet Racking Accessories. Pallet Racking Accessories include – pallet racking frame protectors, timber decking for pallet racking, pallet racking anti-collapse mechanisms and rack end protection heavy duty barriers. Pallet Racking Accessories improve safety measure, increase storage efficiency and prevent stock damage. However, of course these can also be ordered after you have had the time to get used to your new pallet racking system.
  • Related to all of the above points, it would be preferable to be aware of the goods that will be stored within the pallet racking system to allow for load sizes and load weight of stock within the pallet racking system design.

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