What Are My Pallet Racking Options?

There are lots of considerations that affect your requirements for pallet racking: The two main issues when designing your own storage solutions are the type, and the available space.

Having said this, there are also lots of options that will enable you to maximise your warehouse. Below we’ve listed the most common factors to consider when looking to invest in pallet racking, and our answers to your problems.


Types of Pallet Racking

Described below are 3 types of popular pallet racking that may solve your pallet racking queries. As well as these, Pallet Racking Systems can provide almost any type of pallet racking, so if you have any questions or requirements not discussed below, call us on 0800 0858117.


The biggest benefit of dynamic pallet racking is that it is ideal for perishable goods that are stored in pallets, or for goods with a fast turnaround. Dynamic pallet racking uses a line of gravity rollers that are on an incline – this means pallets travel down the line and get stored at one end, and when one is removed, they all shift down.

This is a low maintenance system, and there is little requirement for machines to lift and move goods along the line.


Cantilever racking is a popular type of racking that has long arms extending from a metal framework, and is capable of heavy load bearing. The racking does not have shelving, and it is popular for storing hard to handle goods such as steel or copper tubing.


With a drive in system, pallets are stacked and stored on a cantilever structure in a dense block – fork trucks can then be used to drive in and remove pallets. This means it’s a first in, last out system, and has the benefit of only normal fork lifts being needed – no specialist equipment.

Take a look at our FAQ for further information.


Maximising the space you have is really important, particularly when planning for the future and being prepared for growth. If you have limited floor space, or just want to get the most out of your warehouse, we have 3 popular solutions:


If you have limited floor space, going ‘up’ rather than ‘out’ is the first thing you should consider. As long as you have the machines to reach the top shelves, which are capable of holding the weight of what you’re storing, having tall pallet racking is a great solution to getting more out of your limited floor space.

Narrow Aisle

Narrow aisle pallet racking does what it says on the tin – you reduce the size of your gangways, and get more pallet racking into the space, having more storage per square metre. Narrow aisle pallet racking does mean you will need specialist machinery that follows tracks on the floor, which will of course incur an extra cost. But if you can maximise your floor space, this cost should at least be partially covered by your extra capacity.

Mezzanine Floor

Erected on steel supports, this is a cost effective way of getting the most out of your warehouse, and can also add value to your property. This can be done without having to apply for planning permission, and can even be done in a rented property or somewhere you can’t carry out building work.


Pallet Racking Systems Limited have over 45 years of experience in the industry of high quality used pallet racking systems. We have a large stock of systems held on-site and offer a delivery and installation service to our customers. We can also help you to source the ideal pallet racking system for your needs using our design service. We safety inspect all of our used pallet racking systems and ensure they meet the latest FEM 10-2-02 and S.EM.A design codes.

If you have any questions about pallet racking systems and how we can help you, call us today on 0800 0858117, or fill in our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you.

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