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How To Maximise The Efficiency Of Your Warehouse & Space


The past few years have seen changes and challenges that continue to impact warehouses and companies focused on logistics, distribution, or production. First, it was Brexit, which resulted in many companies stocking up on goods, filling warehouse racking to breaking point. Then it was the Coronavirus pandemic, which led to an increasing number of retailers turning to eCommerce, further straining warehouse resources.

With warehouse racking in the UK still running close to capacity, meeting demand becomes increasingly tricky for warehouse management. If your warehouse has pallet racking, you will need to improve your space, productivity, and efficiency to meet the challenge.

So, how do you go about maximising the efficiency of your warehouse space?

Making The Most Of Your Space With Pallet Racking

If you already have pallet racking, you will need to consider aspects such as storage density, pick selectivity, and space consumption to make the most of your space. Your racking review should:

  • Evaluate how space is being utilised
  • Identify unused space
  • Analyse the layout of your warehouse – Consider if design changes might increase efficiency 
  • Extend into your vertical space – Where your warehouse’s footprint will not accommodate expansion, you should consider opportunities to expand upwards into unused vertical space. This might mean introducing multi-tier high-level racking or adding a mezzanine floor. Both of these options can be more affordable than relocating your warehouse to larger premises.

If you are introducing pallet racking for the first time or need to replace a racking system to improve your warehouse storage, your options include:

  • Selective racking – Suitable for products, goods, and equipment of all dimensions, volume, and weight
  • Double-reach warehouse racking – Holding pallets two deep, you can improve warehouse management when you have multiples of the same stock
  • Drive-in or drive-through warehouse racking – Ideal when you store a limited number of SKUs that have uniform measurements
  • Pallet flow warehouse racking – A good choice when you hold just a few SKUs in high volume
  • Push-back warehouse racking – Perfect for operations where the product’s weight and dimensions are consistent
  • Mobile pallet warehouse racking – These systems can save you up to 50% compared to a conventional pallet racking space

Review & Renew Processes

Reviewing and renewing processes is something all businesses need to do. By working with a pallet racking consultancy, you can investigate if your existing processes can be optimised to improve performance and productivity. The best solution might be introducing a First In, First Out (FIFO), or Last In, First Out (LIFO) process flow. 

Maybe a pallet shuttle system will provide the faster handling you need. Perhaps it will be changing the layout, introducing more efficient processes, or purchasing a higher-density good quality second-hand shelving or pallet racking system.

To discuss purchasing pallet racking or a mezzanine floor, or a consultancy on optimising your processes, call our support team on 0161 509 6224.

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